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I want to share with all of you about the experience with BTS Minings Contractor Sarl. this company is SCAM alone with Robert Wood Tabi Diffang who says is the CEO and Jackson Hill Diffang who says is the chairman and owner of the company.
for over a month a was in conversations with them regarding a transaction for 100 kgs of gold to be delivery to Dubai for final payment, they sent me docs from the ministry with company name, passport, even signed and FCO and SPA contract for a year deliver with monthly shipments of the goods. at the last step and after booked the tickets for Robert wood to travel to Dubai and his visa, they asked to pay 3.850 US dollars via western union to someone’s name according to them it is the logistic company to move the gold to Dubai. of course, and glad I didn't pay or send any money, even they try hard to get some money and send me an information about Szymon Radoslaw to speak to me as the manager director. turns down that Jackson Hill Diffang is the head of the SCAM organization and very upset because was not able to get any money from me, sent me a serious of messages telling me that is no the owner and all docs received from them are fake and are in the scam business for 27 years.
I have all docs from them if anyone wants to see them.
I emailed the ministry of mines of Cameroon and all emails bounced back as an error and non-existing domain. my recommendation is to stay away to do business in Cameroon and with BTS Minings Contractor Sarl
the ministry website from cameroon is false portal and if you try to contact the website of anyone there always get a reply back with error.
I attached passport of robert wood tabi diffang for you acknowledge, I have more docs available.
please don’t get into the tramp of these rats and SCAMMERS, I'm in a crusade to bring all these SCAMMERS down and to the justice.
each one of these people mentioned has been report to Interpol and is matter of time till they caught them.
I'm here to help and bring those rats down and to the jail.
la pasta, the best choice of cereal processing
Since i was a baby, I have always love cereal products, and most especially panzani, so when I learnt about LA pasta, I took upon the initiative not only to be a consumer but a producer as well
j'ai un courrier provenant de la France depuis je le sui sur le site international de chronopost et il est déjà arrivé au Cameroun précisément a Yaoundé je voudrai savoir comment faire pour le récupéré et si oui où se trouve le lieu de distribution à Yaoundé ???
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