Cleaning of Tanks,Industrial Waste Removal.

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Clean Harbors Product Recovery and Transfer Services provide immediate and complete capture of spilled product, which is the optimal way to minimize the overall cost of spill site remediation. Transfer services are also performed on a non-emergency basis when customers need to move materials from tank to tank or over water.
Containment and Recovery of Spilled Product
On water, containment can be accomplished through the use of miles of hard boom in Clean Harbors’ vast inventory of equipment. On land, we have a wide variety of dry sorbents available to dike/absorb any spilled material. A full line of equipment including our fleet of wet and dry vacuum trucks, specialty pumps, and skimmers are readily accessible for recovery of spilled product.
Product Transfer
Our pumping systems allow the easy movement of materials from storage tanks that need product moved prior to the tank being cleaned. Our ship-to-shore transfer capabilities allow easy offing of load product from ships or barges onto tanker trucks or other vessels.
Temporary On-site Storage
On a 24-hour basis, 20,000-gallon franc tanks can be mobilized to a spill site and used for temporary storage. Other tanks ranging in size and type are also available for product to be stored.
Expedited Approval for Off-site Disposal
Clean Harbors can easily facilitate and expedite the approval of waste being transported into one of our many disposal facilities.

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